A downloadable lasttrain for Windows and macOS


This game tries to empathize with other humans and help change negative behaviors. Knowing how to manage personal emotions well and empathize with others is the greatest attraction that a human being can have.


A person leaves the gray crowd and set up a problem in a dialogue bubble. Your goal is to reply with a basic emotion and to empathize with that problem.

- If you choose the right emotion, that person will come closer to you avoiding the crowd.

- If you make a bad choice, it will begin to fade into the grey crowd again.


Programming: Adrián López, Alberto Pérez-Bermejo & Eduardo Pérez-Bermejo.

Pixel Art: Alberto Martínez, Salvador Martin & Alberto Bodero.

Game Design: Alberto Pérez-Bermejo & Alberto Bodero.

Thanks to:

Málaga Jam, Polo de Contenidos Digitales,  Ayuntamiento de Málaga, ProMálaga, Máster en Creación de Videojuegos, Genera, Virtually Live Málaga, Link by Uma-Atech & Sergio Alonso.

Install instructions

Download, play and have fun!!!


lasttrain_Win64_build.zip 15 MB
lasttrain_MacOSX_build.zip 17 MB